What is the skill level expected for participants in the race program?

This is a competitive alpine ski racing program.  It is not a learn to ski program. The expectation is that participants at the U8 and U10 level are strong skiers with 2 to 3 years of experience and have had formal training. The expectation for the older participants (U12) is that they are athletic, co-ordinated, strong intermediate skiers who can ski parallel.  U14 and U16 participants should be strong skiers with previous race experience.

** What if my child is a beginner or intermediate skier with no racing experience.  Can they still join and be a part of the racing team?

This year, we are offering limited supplementary lessons to strengthen the basic skills of our youngest participants (U8, U10 and U12). The lessons will be offered one night a week for paid NYARC members and graduation into the racing and gates training will be at the coaches discretion.

Can a 6 year-old participate in the program?

The U10 group is for ages 7 to 9 as of December 31.  You can register your 5 and 6 year old child in the program and with Alpine Ontario; however, they may not be able to race with the U8/10s.  If you have a 5 or 6 year old they would have to be very strong skier who have been skiing for at least 2 years.

What does the program cost?

The total cost of the program varies by age group. This year there will be 3 components.
1. Club Registration fee.  The fee depending on age group, is payable to North York Alpine Racing Club by cheque payable to “North York Alpine Racing Club.” or by INTERAC – email transfer to nyarc.to@gmail.com. This fee is mandatory and required when you register your child.
2.  Alpine Ontario Registration Fee  – these fees are paid by credit card online directly to Alpine Ontario. Registration is mandatory to join the club and participate in the ski races.  Fees range from approximately $100 for U8/U10 to $350 for U19.  See Alpine Ontario Fees
3.  Earl Bales Ski and Snowboard Centre ski pass – The cost is approximately $200 for the season for the afternoon/night season pass. Please purchase directly from the City of Toronto at the Earl Bales Ski and Snowboard Centre.  A parent must attend to obtain this pass as waivers need to be signed in order to participate in on snow training.

How many racers do you expect to have this year?

With COVID-19 changing everyone’s plans, it is difficult to say. However, we expect to have sufficient racers to run 4 teams, one at each level: U8/U10, U12, U14 and U16. The team may vary in size.

What measures have you taken to ensure social distancing and safety of participants?

Our dryland training will be conducted outside, with socially distant group training exercises that do not require shared equipment.

We are one of the few clubs who train mid-week evenings, instead of weekends. With smaller crowds during the week, this naturally allows for greater social distancing on the ski lifts, hills and in the chalet. We are also a smaller club, which gives our participants greater personal attention in a smaller group size training environment.

Stay informed through Alpine Ontario Association’s Safe Sport commitment through its policies and procedures.

On your web-site, it is mentioned that racers are grouped together. Is this for training only?

We train as a group with special emphasis on a different age group each night. Each age group races separately. There are 4 to 6 races for each age level on weekends between mid-January and mid-March

How many races are there during the season and how far are they from Toronto?

There are generally 4-6 races during the regular racing season. Please check out Schedule Page for more info on dates and locations.

** What if my children race with different ski clubs, but would like to join NYARC for extra gate training.

We are offering extra gate training packages this year for racers from other clubs. The racers must be from AOA-affiliated clubs to join.  These sessions are pay as you go for a fee of $25 per racer/ per session. You will have to register in advance to train on a specific night of the week.

Can we do this?What is the ratio coach/racers?

Each team has one coach for race day. For training the minimum ratio is 1 to 10. We always have at least 2 coaches during mid-week training.

What are the qualifications of your coaches?

The coaches have to have Canadian Ski Coach Federation (CSCF) Level 1 or higher.

Do they have experience in racing or coaching ski

Yes all of the coaches have had racing experience.

What are the objectives of your racing program? Is the program more oriented towards skiers with limited skiing experience or advance skiers as well?

At the league level of racing the purpose of the program is to improve the confidence of the participants both on or off the snow, to build their skill level, to have fun and meet others who enjoy snow sports. As we are not a learn to ski program, we do expect a certain skill level of skiing for each age group from all our participants.

It is my understanding that Ontario skiers may participate in the Team League or the Individual Racing programs. What program is offered by the North York Alpine Racing Club?

The program offers league level racing at the U10, U12, U14 and U16 Southern Ontario Division (SOD) CUP level.

Do all the participants race in all the races?

We train as a team, but participants race only in their age category. Depending on the age category, the competitions provide recognition for either the top 3 or top 10 male and female racers.

On race day what time do the participants normally need to be at the ski hill and when are the races usually done?

Most (although not all) races are run in the morning and participants need to be at the ski hill between 8 and 8:30 am – the competition is usually finished around 12 noon, we break for lunch and then there is coaching for at least 2 hours after the race. So we are usually done at 2:30 – 3:00pm.

What equipment is required for participation?

At a minimum the following equipment is required:

  • Racing helmet (hard shell which covers the ears),
  • Slalom racing skis are mandatory (recreation and twin tips are not acceptable),
  • Pole guards (for slalom races U12 and up),
  • Racing suits for U12 and up.

What does “race tuned skis” mean?

This means that skis should be sharpened and waxed and that the bindings are set by a qualified technician based on height, weight, boot size and technical ability. Be sure that boots fit snugly and are buckled up tight. Racers must wear a hard shell helmet that covers the ears and is free of stickers and attachments, such as Go Pros.

How much driving is there during the season?

As we train at Earlbales Ski and Snowboard Centre, which is in the heart of Toronto, this drastically cuts down on time spent driving out of the city to training sessions at the various ski centres. The races are on a Saturday or Sunday, depending on the scheduled age category and are at the many ski centres in the Southern Ontario region. This is a driving commitment of approximately 1 hour or so each way. Winter sports take up a lot of time, but with mid-week evenings training in the city, it becomes more manageable!

Is there car pooling to get the kids to the races or do we work it out on our own?

The club does not organize car pooling. Although many parents usually to arrange this on their own.

Do only certain teams and/or racers participate in the semis and/or finals?

All teams, including NYARC, participate in the regular season races. The club offers strong racers the opportunity to participate in additional, optional invitational races as well.

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