2022 Alpine Ontario Race Schedule.

*Schedule is a tentative schedule, please check back regularly for updates!

January 15U16/19Caledon Ski ClubSL
January 22U16/19Mansfield Ski ClubSL
January 27U12Chicopee Ski ClubSL
January 30U14Devils Glen SL
*February 5U8/U10The HeightsGS
February 5U12London FlashKombi
February 6U14CraigleathGS
February 12U12Chicopee Ski ClubGS
February 13U14Mansfield Sk iClubSL
February 13U14/16The HeightsSL
February 13U16/19Toronto Ski ClubGS
February18U10Mansfield Ski Club-The SIGN of the skier invitationalGS
February 20U14Mansfield Ski ClubGS
February 25U12Mansfield Ski Club-The SIGN of the skier invitationalGS
February 26U12Milton HeightsSL
February 26U12The HeightsSL
February 27U14Craigleath Ski ClubGS
February 27U16/19Mansfield Ski ClubGS
Dates to be confirmed…please check back regularly or check Teamsnap

*U8/U10 – Non AO Event – $25 fee per racer

Race Day information

Prior to the Race Day
Ensure equipment is in working order – bindings are adjusted, the bases are waxed and
edges sharp
. If you take them to a shop you have to do this 3 days prior to race day.

Remind your child that the racing program is a team effort based on total points of the team
and everyone’s effort counts.

Most (although not all) races are run in the morning and participants need to be at the ski hill between 8 and 8:30 am – the competition is usually finished around 12 noon, we break for lunch and then there is coaching for at least 2 hours after the race.

Check here for updates closer to races to ensure that there are no changes to the race schedule and to get directions to the race hill.

Day of Race
Ensure the racer has all their equipment and it is in good order:
o Helmet and Goggles
o Skis
o Boots
o Poles (with poles guards for slalom races)
o Chin guards (for slalom races)
o Race Suit (optional for U12 and younger)
o Warm Jacket
o Snow Pants
o Face mask
o Hand and feet warmers

At the U8/U10 level race suits are not permitted.
At the U12/U14 and above race suits are permitted.

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